Institute of Mystique Sciences

A pioneering institute for scientific study and research in Mystic Sciences

Multiplicity of Knowledge

We are imparting knowledge of around 16 plus subjects in the field of mystical, spiritual and healing sciences. Our stress is to interconnect the subjects – particularly connecting with Astrology, Vãstu Shãstra, Human Psychology and Spirituality.

After Course Assistance

We believe that knowledge is achieved not only through classroom coaching but also through self study, group discussion and practical application in the long run. We encourage our students to come, share their experiences and sort out the problems personally as well as through social media.

Clarity of Vision

We have a solid classical as well as technological base. We are teaching these classical subjects in amalgamation with the principles of modern science and technology as well as the social needs. We are teaching which is right, which is true and which is practicable.

Study Material and Tool Kit

Intelligently prepared study material, along with other necessary tools and kits will be provided to the students without any additional charges. The booklet of around 100 to 150 pages meeting the need of students is the essence of best books available on the subject(s) and practical application.

Guide and Lecturer

Sri Ashwini Kumar Bansal

A Bachelor of Civil Engineering (IEI), MA (Philosophy) and LL B (DU), BA (with Sanskrit & Religion) and Prabhakar (Punjabi University, Patiala), and Jyotish Acharya (Gold Medallist, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi), he has served Indian Railways (IR), Department of Telecommunications (DOT) and Local Bodies as a Civil Engineer for around 25 years.

He has deeply studied and practiced Civil Engineering, Law, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Sanskriti, different Religions and Spiritual Sciences, Astrology, Classical Architecture, Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Mantra Shãstra and other allied subjects at different levels.

Sri Ashwini Kumar Bansal started teaching Vãstu Shãstra, Palmistry, and other allied subjects in July 2000 for the first time in New Delhi. He was the torch-bearer in establishing the Society for Study of Mystique Sciences (Regd).

He has written many articles on Vãstu Shãstra and Palmistry published in different astrology magazines of repute.

Ashwini Kumar Bansal has written three books on Vãstu Shãstra - based on his deep study, research and application – spanning over a period of more than 30 years:

Vãstu: The Art & Science of Living

Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd New Delhi, 2003

वास्तु जीने की कला और विज्ञान (हिन्दी)

एल्फ़ा पब्लिकेशन दिल्ली, 2014

Corporate Vãstu

Applied Indian Architecture for Righteous Earning

Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd New Delhi, 2018

Institute of Mystique Sciences

Institute of Mystique Sciences (IMS) is an Educational Institute under Society for Study of Mystique Sciences (registered under S. R. Act, 1860 with registration No. S 40124 / 2001) that is primarily operated by Acharya Ashwini Kumar Bansal, a renowned and esteemed personality in the field of mystic sciences.

IMS is a pioneering institute for scientific study and research in Vãstu Shãstra & Feng Shui, Palmistry, Predictive & Remedial Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Handwriting Analysis (Graphology), Gemology & Colour Therapy, Lal Kitab, other allied Mystical; Spiritual and Healing Sciences like Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Mudra Shãstra, Yoga Shãstra etc.

The Institute is also conducting courses and workshops in these Mystical and Healing Sciences in New Delhi, India since July 2000. Aims & Objectives of the Institute of Mystique Sciences are:

To reinforce the appeal of ancient Indian sciences, knowledge and thought systems and in the process, promote better physical and mental well being

To impart knowledge of the said subjects in a logical and scientific manner in co-relation with the Human Psychology, Principles of Science, Spirituality and Practical Usage

To co-relate Vãstu Shãstra and Feng Shui with modern Building Science and Architecture & allied subjects with latest researches in Human Physiology

To encourage scientific study and research in these subjects; consequently de-mystifying the myths surrounding these divine sciences

Our aim and objective is to provide professional and result oriented courses in mystic sciences which would help people to guide the masses in a professional manner.

Seats are limited in every session and are available on first come first serve basis as our main stress is on quality of knowledge

Why Choose Us


Institute of Mystique Sciences has its stronghold in Vãstu Shãstra & Feng Shui, Palmistry, Astro-remedies & allied subjects on account of 28 years of personal studies, work experience and teaching.


Acharya Ashwini Kumar Bansal is an esteemed Lecturer and Mentor of Mystic Sciences; including Vãstu Shãstra, Palmistry and Astrology. He was the torch bearer in starting these courses for the first time in a planned manner in July 2000 in New Delhi.


We are delivering the ancient knowledge after proving the same on the anvil of modern science, psychology and spirituality. Ancient classical knowledge is delivered applying the Time, Place and Person factors.


Deep learning and its practical application is a lifelong process. We treat our students like our dear family members. After completion of course(s), we are always available to them personally on the weekends in New Delhi and also through the social media.

Ashwini Kumar Bansal

Mystic / Vãstu & Feng Shui Consultant / Palmist / Author / Civil Engineer / Jyotish Acharya / Handwriting Analyst / Tarot Reader / Numerologist / Remedial Astro-Vãstu Expert / Naturopath / Traveler / Philosopher / Mentor / Spiritualist / Yogi / Technocrat


The field of Mystic Sciences has been my passion for the past 28 years, along with my career as a Civil Engineer in different Government Departments. During my Jyotish Acharya studies (1995-1997) in Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, I realized that most of the institutes in this field were imparting Astrology related knowledge only.

There was a serious lack of organized and scientific teaching of other subjects of Mystic Sciences e.g. Palmistry, Vãstu Shãstra, Numerology, Graphology, Tarot Card Reading etc. Moreover, most of the people in this field were suggesting remedies without any deep understanding of the subject, without any deep logical base, and without keeping in mind whether the remedy is really required at all?

Keeping in mind all these factors during the years 1995 to 2000, I vigorously pursued Astrology, Vãstu Shãstra, Feng Shui, Palmistry, Gemology, Colour Therapy, Tarot Reading, Graphology, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Mantra Shãstra and other similar subjects like full academic subjects and applied the same on hundreds of my fellowmen and clients.

After exploring all the available channels in this field, I started conducting three six monthly / one year courses - Vãstu Shãstra & Feng Shui, Palmistry, and Gemology & Colour Therapy in a scientific manner in July 2000 in New Delhi and total 119 batches of these courses have been conducted successfully. Along with these courses, one / two day(s) short term courses / workshops in Tarot Card Reading, Graphology (Handwriting Analysis), Lal Kitab, Remedial Astrology, Mantra Shãstra, Numerology, Predictive Vãstu, Dermatoglyphics etc. were also started in March 2008. Till date, 54 one day courses on these subjects have been conducted successfully.

I am also working as honorary guide and professor of Vãstu Shãstra (one year Diploma and one year Post Diploma Courses) and Palmistry (one year Diploma and one year Post Diploma Courses) at the Centre of Indology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi where I am teaching these subjects in co-relation with the established principles of Modern Science, Psychology and Spirituality.

To meet the demand of students pursuing Vãstu Shãstra in a scientific manner, I have written these books on Vãstu Shãstra:

1. Vãstu: The Art & Science of Living, Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, 2003.

2. वास्तु जीने की कला और विज्ञान (हिन्दी), एल्फ़ा पब्लिकेशन दिल्ली, 2014.

3. Corporate Vãstu Applied Indian Architecture for Righteous Earning, Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd., New Delhi, 2018.

Our Philosophy regarding any subject is to go to the root and then enjoy fruit from the root. The roots of Astrology and Numerology are in Mathematical Calculations; roots of Palmistry, Tarot Reading and Mantra Shãstra are in Human Psychology; roots of Vãstu Shãstra and Feng Shui are in Architecture and Construction Engineering; roots of Colour Therapy and Magneto-therapy are in the Principles of Physics (Optics and Magnetism) and so on.

Welcome all the Mystic Knowledge Seekers!

Come, Learn & Become a Mystic Expert!!

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