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The tarot is a deck of 78 cards containing symbols from many ancient cultures. These 78 cards are divided in 22 major arcana (secret) cards and 56 minor arcana cards. Today Tarot is commonly used for divination or fortune telling in the form of Tarotology and Cartomancy. Tarot cards are the very earliest recordings of myths, fables, and significant historical events.

In the beginnings of civilizations, these accounts were handed down orally, but eventually they were put into pictorial form. Many of the major trump cards are clearly reminiscent of biblical stories, e.g.

The Lovers – story of Adam and Eve

The Tower – tower of Babel

The Hanged Man – crucifixion

The Hermit – Diogenes, the Greek philosopher and ascetic (412 to 323 BC)

In the ancient times, most people did not read or write. Symbols were used instead of words to convey information. Thus a common language of symbols, based on mystical symbols taken from many cultures, was developed and put onto cards. The key was to remain a secret knowledge that was exclusively transmitted by words of mouth from one generation to the next.

Major arcana deals with spiritual or psychological changes or internal conflicts. Minor arcana is indicative of daily activities, mundane events, external influences and / or people. This distinction between major and minor arcana can also be interpreted interchangeably. Deeply based on Human Psychology, Tarot cards are also connected with Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Kabala, Gemology, and Meditation.



Introducing Tarot Reading

* Meaning of Tarot

* Advantages of Tarot Reading

* Tarot Decks

* History of Tarot

* Psychology of Tarot

* Questions generally asked by new Tarot learners

* How can we know our future in advance?

* How The Tarot Cards Work?

1. Theory of Psycho-kinesis or Telekinesis or Psi Theory

2. Theory of Synchronicity (Carl Jung)

3. Reality Theory

* Golden Rules of Tarot Reading

* Selecting a Significator Card

Meanings of 78 Tarot Cards

* The 22 Cards of Major Arcana (Key 0 to Key 21)

* The 56 Cards of Minor Arcana (4 Suits of 14 Cards Each)

 Pentacles

 Cups

 Wands

 Swords

(Aces, Middle cards, Tens, Court / Face Cards, Pages, Knights, Queens, Kings)

Preliminaries of Tarot Card reading

* How to Prepare Yourself

* Vaastu of Tarot Reading

* How to Keep Your Cards

* The Modus Operandi of Tarot Reading

* Shuffling the Cards

* Cutting the Cards

Techniques of Reading Tarot Cards (Tarot spreads)

* The Spread

1. The 1 card Spread

2. The 2 Cards Spread

3. Mood of your day spread (The 3 Cards Spread)

4. My greatest weakness spread ( The 3 Cards Spread)

5. The Secret me spread ( The 4 Cards Spread)

6. My main priority spread ( The 5 Cards Spread)

7. Past, present, future spread ( The 5 Cards Spread)

8. Who I am now and where I'm going spread ( The 7 cards Spread)

Advanced Techniques of Tarot Spread

1. Horse Shoe Spread

2. Three cards spread for Quick Yes or No Questions

Useful Charts

Keywords to Major Arcana

Keywords to Minor Arcana ( Ace to Ten )

Keywords to Minor Arcana ( Court Cards )

Technical Terms

Meanings of Technical Terms Used in Tarot Reading



Reading the Reversed / Inverse / Upside down Cards

* General rules regarding the reversed cards

* Possible ten meanings of Reverse Cards

* Example Reading of Reversed Cards

* Key Wise Interpretation of Reversed Cards

* Cards of Major Arcana (Reversed)

* Cards of Minor Arcana (Reversed)

* Pentacles (Reversed)

* Cups (Reversed)

* Wands (Reversed)

* Swords (Reversed)

Advanced Techniques of Tarot Spread

One-Year Spread

The Seven Triplets or The Seven Sisters Spread

Five-By-Five (Month-By-Month) Spread

The Relationship Spread

The Secen Chakras Spread

Timing of Events in Tarot Reading

Applied Numerology in Tarot Reading

Use of Numbers on the Tarot Cards in Timing of Events

Practical Meanings of Numbers ( 1 - 9 )

A Lesson on Numerology

Numbers & the Tarot Cards of Major Arcana ( 0 - 21 )

The Tarot and The Astrology

Suits, Directions & Elements / Seasons

Astrological Associations of Major Arcana Cards

Major Arcana Cards, relations with 12 Sun Signs

Major Arcana Cards, relations with 10 Planets

The Horoscope Spread

Applying Horoscope Spread in Horary Astrology

The Tarot and The Palmistry

Major Arcana Cards’ Connection with the Mounts on the Palm & Phalanges of Fingers

Predicting From the Two Hands Combined With Tarot Cards

The Tarot and The Meditation

What is Meditation ?

Using Tarot Cards for Meditating on a Specific Life Purpose

Meditating for Bhukti or Mukti

Meditating step by step

The Tarot and The Crystal Magic

Stone Tarot (Gems of Major Arcana)

Symbolism & Divinatory Meanings of Stone Tarot

Crystal Empowerment

Tarot Magic

Tarot and Kabala - introduction

Creating Your Own Spread

Designing Your Own Deck

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